Associating building elements with a digital model (BIM)

COCON-BIM can perform a Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) of buildings on the basis of digital models (BIM).

To do this (see video), we associate building elements (walls, slabs, floors, columns, beams, etc.) with a digital model in IFC format.

It can make a comparative analysis of several variants of a building.

Avancement association éléments constructifs et BIM

The software allows you to select the building elements of a digital model in 2D (left tree) or in 3D (right window). To duplicate variants of the same building, right click on the "Variant" menu at the top right of the tree structure. Each variant (A, B, C, etc.) is displayed in its own column.

Building elements are presented hierarchically (Site, Building, Floor, Walls, etc.). They are grouped into the families that were used when entering the digital model in a CAD/CAE application.

A building element can be associated with the digital model in several ways, such as :

  • drag & drop an item from the building elements library onto a node of the 2D tree.
  • copy & paste between different nodes of the 2D tree.
  • select it in 3D then assign it using the contextual menu of the 2D tree associated with each item of the 2D tree.
  • create a new building element from the digital model if it contains the details of the composition of its building elements.

 Associer éléments constructifs et BIM via menu contextuel