COCON Software - Version Contents

Cocon software versions and updates

  • The database of materials, technical equipment, services and building elements is updated daily and released every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • When it is run, the software invites you to:
    • download the database if new data are available.
    • update if a new version is released.

The history of the main versions of the software is given below:

Version Contents Date
3.6.0 New automatic report templates  
3.5.0 Proxy management  
3.4.0 Created a window for calculating the thermal inertia of a space with variable walls and dimensions.  
3.3.1 New graphs for "Environmental impacts by construction packages"  
3.3.0 Optimised loading of library memory via multitasking processes  
3.2.1 Graphic display of thermal phase displacement time and heat wave attenuation in a wall 16/01/2020
3.1.0 Filtering of 3D objects by name  
3.0.0 E+C- label approval 11/12/2019
2.7.0 E+C- contributors are displayed in a dedicated table 12/11/2019
2.6.0 Management of graphics for the comparator of materials and construction elements (point clouds, Sankey diagram, group management, statistics, etc.) 24/10/2019
2.5.0 Management of contributors in the LCA 14/10/2019
2.4.0 Manual weighting of LCAs by phase 13/09/2019
2.3.0 Customised the method of expressing impacts (by building, per m² of floor space, by user, by year, etc.). 30/08/2019
2.2.0 Management of urban heating and cooling networks 24/08/2019
2.1.0 Automatic creation of standard E+C- services 09/08/2019
2.8.0 Implementation of E+C- calculations 10/05/2018
2.7.2 Service management 22/04/2018
2.7.1 Site management 11/04/2018
2.7.0 Management of automatic replacements 18/03/2017
2.6.1 Management of air quality labels for building materials 23/02/2017
2.6.0 Management of construction lots and sub-lots 25/01/2017
2.5.0 3D colouring according to the content of bio-based materials or wood in walls 23/10/2016
2.4.0 Management of model updates  08/10/2016
2.3.0 Automatic generation of reports in .docx format 25/08/2016
2.2.0 Import of RT 2012 thermal studies 08/05/2016
2.1.0 Automatic calculation of compliance with the "Bio-based building" label 27/04/2016
2.0.1 Export of construction elements in XML format 15/03/2016
2.0.0 Management of graphics filters 05/03/2016
1.9.0 Multiple languages (French, English, Spanish) 03/02/2016
1.8.5 Implementation of the construction element comparator 31/01/2016
1.8.1 Calcul taxe carbone 17/01/2016
1.8.0 Automatic generation of metrics 06/01/2016
1.7.0 Automatic deduction of the composition of a construction element by reading inside the original IFC model 03/12/2015
1.6.0 Handling of multiple units and associated conversions 04/11/2015
1.5.0 Introduced the material comparator 19/10/2015
1.4.0 Management of wood and bio-based material content, calculations and graphic displays 02/07/2015
1.3.1 Addition of point cloud graphics  16/05/2015
1.3.0 Merger of IFC2x3 and IFC4 models 11/05/2015
1.2.0 Addition of radar diagrams in Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) results 24/07/2015
1.1.1 Optimisation of 3D displays 23/03/2015
1.1.0 Calculation of the inertia of complex walls 18/02/2015
1.0.0 Roll-out of Cocon-bim software  05/01/2015