General organisation of the software

Cocon-BIM carries out environmental quality studies of buildings based on their digital model (BIM) and offers the following functionalities :

  • Simultaneous handling of multiple buildings (e.g. a whole urban block or district).
  • Comparison of building variants.
  • Management of new builds or refurbishment operations.
  • Comparison of building materials from a thermal and environmental viewpoint.
  • Creation, study, and comparison of building elements (walls, structural elements, etc.).

Example of an overall view of the environmental impacts of several variants of a building.

COCON-BIM Synthèse impacts environnementaux

The main software interface consists of four parts :

  • a menu bar
  • a tree structure to control the elements of open projects
  • a window for managing building elements (walls, partitions, floors, columns, beams, etc.)
  • a 3D display of the open objects
  • a results display area giving the following information :
    • progress on the entry of the project
    • display and management of variants
    • environmental impacts
    • volume and weight of resources mobilised
    • compliance with the bio-sourced building label
    • metrics listing the materials used for each variant
    • content of the data in IFC format

COCON-BIM Organisation générale du logiciel


Example of a summary of the content of biosourced material of several variants of a building.

COCON-BIM Synthèse contenu en matériaux biosourcés