Materials library

The Cocon-BIM materials library contains descriptions of more than 3,000 materials that are organised hierarchically by families and sub-families.

The Materials library window contains :

  • a search filter.
  • a hierarchical tree structure in which materials are classified according to their function and nature.
  • a display area showing the properties of the selected material.

Drag & drop a material to add it to the composition of a wall or a material comparator.

Cocon-BIM - Fenêtre de sélection des matériaux

A lot of information is available for each material, notably :

  • thermal data (thermal conductivity, density, etc.) e.g. for calculating :
    • the thermal resistance or thermal losses of walls.
    • the thermal inertia and phase displacement of complex walls (according to the EN 13786 standard).
  • environmental data via impact indicators (grey energy, GHG emissions, air and water pollution, resource depletion, water consumption, etc.). It is based on various data sources obtained in :
    • France :
      • FDES as per standard NF P01-010 from the INIES database in particular
      • DEP as per standard EN 15804.
      • PEP as per standard EN 14040 from the PEP Ecopasseport database.
    • Germany - Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) including those from the OEKEBAU database.
    • The United Kingdom - Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
    • Switzerland, including those in the Kbob database and EcoInvent.
  • data sources used. Where available online, a link is provided to access them. This allows available information to be traced and additional information (technical notices, manufacturers’ data, implementation sheets, etc.) to be found quickly.

It is possible to import FDES generated from configurators such as :

  • BETie from SNBPE (French National Union of Ready-Mixed Concrete) which is a tool for calculating the environmental impacts of concrete.
  • DE-bois published by FCBA under a mandate from CODIFAB which is designed to characterise the environmental performance of wood-based construction products.
  • SAVE-construction which can generate customised environmental profiles for steel products.