Comparing building materials

The COCON-BIM building-material comparison tool is called up from the menu "Tools" => "Product Comparator" which brings up the window below (see video).

Comparatif de matériaux selon objectif commun

It allows you to compare construction products with each other by setting a common target for them. Indeed, construction products that meet the same needs are often relatively similar but have characteristics (thickness, packaging, density, etc.) that make them difficult to compare.

With COCON you can set a common target in terms of:

  • thermal resistance,
  • quantity or thickness,
  • weight.

Then, for each material examined, COCON calculates:

  • its thermal performance (thermal resistance, phase displacement, damping, inertia),
  • its environmental impacts.

The user can :

  • Determine the performance target to be achieved, e.g. "Thermal resistance"
  • Enter the target value to be achieved, e.g. 5
  • Select the performance to be displayed on the x-axis (e.g. Non-renewable primary energy) 
  • Select the performance to be displayed on the y-axis (e.g. Greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Define the materials to be compared by:
    • clicking on the "Material library..." button
    • dragging the desired materials into the comparator.

The graphical comparison of the construction products is dynamically updated.

Right-click to display the contextual menu, from which you can export the results obtained (to the clipboard or to a file in spreadsheet or image format) .

User-defined comparisons of groups of materials or construction elements can be carried out (right click => Group A, B, C, etc.) with customisable appearances (colour, shape, transparency) and names.

Comparatif de matériaux selon objectif commun - nuage de points et groupes

A graphical and statistical view of a comparison of materials or building elements can be displayed in the form of Sankey diagrams (via the tabs at the top of the diagram).

The statistical calculation for each group (standard deviation, mean, variance, quartile distribution) is displayed in the "Statistics" tab at the bottom of the window.

Comparatif de matériaux selon objectif commun - daigramme de Sankey, statistiques par groupes

All figures and data can be copied to the clipboard or exported as image or csv files (compatible with spreadsheet programs such as Excel, OpenOffice, Libre office, etc.).