Software menu bar

The COCON-BIM menu bar provides access to the software’s main features.


File menu :

  • Open: Open a project by selecting an IFC file in the window. COCON-BIM handles all current formats (Ifc2X3 and Ifc4).
  • Add: Add one or more buildings to the current context. This can be used to study several buildings within a neighbourhood.
  • Save: Save the current project in IFC format.
  • Save as: Save the current project (in IFC format) in your specified location.
  • Close: Close the current project.
  • Open recent: To re-open recently opened files.
  • Add Recently: To add recently opened files to the current context.
  • Import: Allows you to import:
    • FDES generated by configurators such as :
      • BETie from the SNBPE tool, for calculating the environmental impacts of concrete.
      • DE bois published by FCBA on behalf of CODIFAB which characterises the environmental performance of wood-based construction products.
      • SAVE construction which generates customised environmental profiles of steel products.
    • descriptions of materials in XML format produced by another COCON user.
    • building elements in XML format produced by another COCON user.
    • regulatory thermal studies (RT2012) in XML format (RSET Standardised Thermal Study Result).
    • bills of quantities
      • in Excel format
      • automatically extracted from regulatory thermal studies in XML format.
  • Export allows you to export building elementsin XML format.

Libraries menu

  • Materials library: Opens the construction materials management menu.
  • Equipment library
  • Services library
  • Building elements library: Opens the building elements management window.
  • Product comparator library for building materials and elements.

Edit Menu

  • Replace an association propagates an association to all items of a variant, in three clicks.
  • New variant creates a new empty variant or duplicates an existing one.

Tools menu

  • Product comparator: opens the product comparator.
  • Component comparator: opens the component comparator.

Labels & certifications menu

  • E+C- label gives access to all the operations required to obtain the carbon energy label.
  • Bio-based building label enables the content of bio-based materials in buildings to be calculated as per the Decree of 19 December 2012, relating to the content and conditions for the award of the "bio-based building" label.