Terms and conditions


These terms and conditions are applicable to the purchase of a licence for the Cocon-BIM software via the Cocon-BIM website.

These general conditions lay down the rules applicable to the purchase of Cocon-BIM software licences on the Cocon-BIM.fr website; both parties (“the distributor” and “the customer”) hereby accept them without reservation.

The parties enter into a binding contract from the moment of the mouse click on the "Buy" button and through the confirmation which appears on the screen and which is e-mailed to the address given to and stored by the vendor.


  • "Distributor" means the company distributing of the Cocon-BIM software.
  • “The Customer” refers to any person purchasing a licence for the Cocon-bim software.

Identity of the vendor and distributor of the software

Eosphère SARL
SIRET 491 411 773 00014
Intra-community VAT No FR37491411773
Our details

User licence agreement

When you purchase the Cocon-BIM software, you are actually purchasing a licence to use that Software, and not the Software itself. You do not become the owner of its component program(s), you are merely authorised to use them: you do not have the right to alter or redistribute them.

The Cocon-BIM User licence entitles you to install and use the software on an unlimited number of computers, but the number of simultaneous workstations may not exceed the maximum stated in the conditions associated with the licence purchased. (1, 3 or 15 workstations).

In order to use Cocon-BIM, the workstation must be connected directly to the Internet.

The customer agrees not to rent out, loan or sub-license the software.

Intellectual property

All rights, titles and interests including copyright and intellectual property rights, including national and international copyrights, belong to the publisher of Cocon-BIM. The software is protected by international copyright law and treaties, as well as other intellectual property law and treaties. Copyright and intellectual property laws in many countries protect the rights of a software owner by granting them certain exclusive rights, including the right to reproduce or "copy" the software. Copying software without the owner’s permission constitutes “copyright infringement” and makes the copier liable to the statutory criminal penalties.

To purchase a software licence you must first create a customer account in the customer area and provide a valid email address.

Purchases may be made solely by credit card (by means of a secure online transaction via our bank "Banque Postale"

We also accept a purchase order with payment by cheque, the typical delivery time then being two weeks.

Before you pay for the order, the price in euros including tax that is payable and the software version corresponding to that price are clearly displayed.

As soon as you have made the payment by bank card (or the payment by cheque has been validated manually), you can access the licence key shown on the page My account.

The Cocon-BIM software will not be supplied by post on CD-ROM or other medium.

Proof of payment

As soon as the customer has made the payment by bank card (or the payment by cheque has been validated manually), a purchase invoice in PDF format is available for download in the customer area.

No invoice will be sent by post.

Personal information

For a smooth ordering process, the personal data collected will be processed by computer, which the Customer acknowledges.
Under no circumstances will the data be sold or exchanged for commercial purposes.

The Customer is also entitled to access and correct any information concerning his or her data file.

Force majeure, nature of the Internet

The vendor may be released from its obligations in case of force majeure. This means force majeure as usually understood by the courts. The malfunction or shutdown of the Internet connection shall be regarded as force majeure.

Users make use of the Internet at their own risk.
The vendor offers no guarantee of the availability of the service, the performance of the network or of Internet servers.

Assistance and technical support

Technical support and assistance to Cocon-BIM users are provided solely via a discussion forum. While waiting for its implementation, you may ask questions via the contact form.
Questions will be answered as quickly as possible, but with no guarantee of response time.

The vendor will not provide any user assistance by telephone.

Software features and limitation of liability

The vendor may not be required to pay any compensation for direct or indirect damage arising out of the use of Cocon-BIM or for its failure to adapt to customers’ needs. The vendor may not be held responsible for any faults originating in the data provided by the Customer.

Right to cancel

To exercise your right to cancel, you must notify us of your decision before the end of the cancellation period of 14 calendar days. The licence will then be terminated and you will be refunded using the original method of payment within no more than 15 days of receipt of your cancellation request. 

Updating of the general conditions of sale 

These general conditions of sale and the selling price are at the absolute discretion of the vendor and are subject to change at any time. 

Applicable law, Settling of disputes

The parties hereby agree that this contract is subject to French law.

The courts of the jurisdiction of the distributor’s head office shall have sole competence for arbitrating any disputes that may arise between the vendor and the customer.